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Иван Маслеников 21:41

Sometimes getting up much earlier in the morning is really a good start of the day :-)

Who cares about sleeping, when you can spend ur morning with very nice people?)

1. Продать наручных часов, аксессуаров на сумму 100000 руб.

I had some meetings today, but, unfortunately, nobody have bought any of the available goods. I have scheduled one more meeting for tomorrow, and i hope it will be much more efficient.

2. Группа в ВК по часам: рост подписчиков с 64 до 300


3. Заказать 3D-принтер (Makerbot Replicator 2X / Formlabs Form 1 / аналог в пределах 80000-120000)

Today I have discovered an interesting fact: Microsoft has developed the special program (for Win 8.1) for creating printing models for 3D printers. Wanna try it, and for all this time it is my 1st reason for updating to Win8 =)
The fact about such giants as Microsoft pay attention to this field make me think again about the appealing prospects of 3D printing in the nearest future.

4. Прочитать не менее 3-х книг за 2 месяца

About an hour of reading in English and thinking on some wise ideas from "Remote: office not required". I have replenished my list of quotes with the phrase: "Start early if u can, but if u can't - start small". Really good advice for every field of activity.

10% of the book left.

5. Заниматься (упражняться) английским не менее 3 часов / неделю

1. Nice "English breakfast" (Kate, thx :*) and a bit of such a necessary talking practice.
2. About an hour of reading in English
3. Some exercises with the vocabulary on Lingualeo
4. Finally implemented my idea of typing my day's results in English on BM site.

6. Черновой ремонт в квартире (Кухня-студия, ванная, туалет, коридор)

Two hours were spent again on seeking through some shops. I have found the couch at a half the price of the analogues, that i had seen before.

7. Ложиться не позднее 00:30. Спать не менее 7 часов / сутки


8. Не менее 4 раз в неделю заниматься спортом (футбол / бег / плавание / качалка / занятия дома)


9. Питаться 4-5 раз в день небольшими порциями. Сократить к минимуму мучное, жирное.

5 times today

10. Организовать более уютную атмосферу в подъезде (чистота, запах)