Бизнес Молодость





Serge Kapylou 09:15

Wholesale: sell fast. less profit - big profit

Monday is not always hard.

1. 100 iPhones/ 5 laptops/ 5 iPads

bought 29 iPhones + potential to get deal on 10-20pcs +

2. iResolution.ca

received banner from freelancer. happy. want to order kijiji campaign

3. Kredo training

Brainstormed about the topics on the upcoming training. finalize the plan tomorrow

4. Tiffany

i not selling. i buying. and waiting

5. be happy

I AM HAPPY. even in a world where we are always so busy i feel myself not alone. there is another half of me. and i feel it

6. Networking

laptops experts sux

7. quit RB

booked an appointment with another brain fixer. bought components for cremlin stars

8. 4 times per week gym

1 hour Slow Burn Yoga today
11 min cardio, will keep up during the week with cardio

9. Meditation + yoga+energy break= 5 min/day

nothing, but have stretch in the morning. was almost impossible to do a month ago. Feeling my body is coming back to me. struggle with the weight. should be love with healthy life style. coming soon

10. Recover Ruslan

Maly doing very well. here is what he said:
"i reinvented work punch. i call it iPunch. it comes in 3 models: mini and nano. for nano models i still have missing components but my team will have it ready in time. because i producing successful product or not doing anything. genius or idiot. no middle or compromises.