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Sadlak Andrii 07:33


once again: the more time you spend with people, the better person you become.
you learn how to understand others by asking them, observing their emotions, having fun. I learn English at the same time...

1. Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management: 1st term GPA 80% in order to qualify for a co-op internship (to immigrate)

Last Business Environment class. Pierre Brunet is the most fascinating teacher I've ever had.
Finance lecture showed approximate assignment we'll have for the final. I did not get it at all.. Frightened.
Group meeting went pretty effective.
Sent my part of the Marketing plan.

2. Learn 1 business English word a day to increase my confidence in professional communication

prerequisite = a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist

3. Find a job, earn $1000 and go to a good restaurant with a girlfriend


4. Make an unexpected gift for a member of my family

let my younger sister know about her gift

5. Find a Mentor / Teacher / Coach


6. Read 2 books for self-development in addition to all the textbooks

Read few more pages of the Personal Finance book

7. Sport 3 times/week (25 workouts) to reach 65 kg of stable muscular weight and love myself more


8. Healthy organic food 3 times a day (from 8am to 8pm), 2.6 litres of water


9. Healthy sleep from 10pm to 6am

i getting closer to the timeframe

10. Write an honest and extensive article with the conclusion of the day every day

short one again