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Serge Kapylou 08:23

Unique Improvements

Даже когда их путь выглядит "слаще", иди своей дорогой. Только тогда сможешь вести за собой. А не это ли твое предназначение?

First you need to find the path. It takes a lot of time and effort to find one. Whether its business, health habits, relationship, its all required finding your unique path.

Second, once you found it you need to maintain it. And it is even harder. I think the hardest thing to do, to keep on going, to keep believing, cause hope really makes miracles sometimes. Hope + Action.

And finally enjoying the journey. Loving every moment. And loving yourself in this moment. Self-awareness + Self-love.

1. 100 iPhones/ 5 laptops/ 5 iPads

0 sales but many repairs

2. iResolution.ca

0 ads = sales
Content on site not updated = no sales increase

3. Kredo training

2nd Module is ready.

4. Tiffany

Next 3 weeks will show what i can do

5. be happy

Spending more time. Change is hard. Old habits win.

6. Networking

Sold iPhone to Russia

7. quit RB


8. 4 times per week gym

Not today. Have to keep on going this week.

9. Meditation + yoga+energy break= 5 min/day

Cant make it a practice.

10. Recover Ruslan

Tomorrow his day.
My mission make tomorrow his day