Бизнес Молодость





Елена Л 21:01

Вывод за день

I need really high quality time management.

1. Application (Business Schools, Internships)

Shame. Just shame. Without any excuses.

2. Agency(300+)

Daily routine.

3. 2 new directions

No idea. Shame again.

4. Proper diet(healthy food)

everything is under my control.

5. Sport activities 4 times a week

Shame on me! Is shopping a kind of sport? Really, sometimes.

6. To fix mode and rest time

OOOOh))) That's all about my evening! Shopping night. Incompatible with sleeping time.

7. GMAT 650+, IELTS 7+

Just flashcards. And a little bit writing. Very Baaaaad. Awful.

8. To write my own scientific article

Rest day after yesterday's hard work.

9. Fast typing on the keyboard(150WPM)

Just finding any program.

10. New Year's greetings of the children from the children's homes

Trying to concentrate my attention on that purpose. That's not a new kind of boolshit.