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Sadlak Andrii 04:57


visited two more options for my new place to live - the first home with my girlfriend...

1. Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management: 1st term GPA 80% in order to qualify for a co-op internship (to immigrate)

Цель достигнута

2. Learn 1 business English word a day to increase my confidence in professional communication

no loose ends
loose end = a minor unresolved problem or difficulty, especially a final detail preceding the completion of something

3. Find a job, earn $1000 and go to a good restaurant with a girlfriend

Nothing today...

4. Make an unexpected gift for a member of my family

Цель достигнута

5. Find a Mentor / Teacher / Coach

Met an interesting landlord, a Pakistani man of about 45 y.o., who has 8 houses and rents them out to earn about $25,000/month clean. 5 minute talk while he was driving me home.

6. Read 2 books for self-development in addition to all the textbooks

Read few pages

7. Sport 3 times/week (25 workouts) to reach 65 kg of stable muscular weight and love myself more

Will run before going to bed.
12 times will be left.

8. Healthy organic food 3 times a day (from 8am to 8pm), 2.6 litres of water

More or less fine.

9. Healthy sleep from 10pm to 6am

not in time..

10. Write an honest and extensive article with the conclusion of the day every day