Бизнес Молодость





Serge Kapylou 13:34

Paperwork always need to be done

Do diligence. If you cannot do it - make somebody else do it

1. 100 iPhones/ 5 laptops/ 5 iPads

It was ice storm. No sales

2. iResolution.ca

Sunline 6 month paperwork review

3. Kredo training

Kredo on vacation

4. Tiffany

Tiffany or not tiffany. Something will come up

5. be happy

We are so happy!

6. Networking

Fighting with Chappel for Beats

7. quit RB

No RB for Sunday :)

8. 4 times per week gym

Its relaxing day

9. Meditation + yoga+energy break= 5 min/day

Bad meditation half a day

10. Recover Ruslan

Talked to him. Seem to be depressed. Its not that easy to change country you leave after 10 years