Бизнес Молодость





Sadlak Andrii 06:39

Вывод за день

Pretty productive day.
I am still working on goal setting...
Wish me to maintain strong commitment and discipline.

Dear friends,
let me know if you wouldn't like to receive this kind of updates from me anymore and you never will.
Please inform me as well whenever you see a language mistake so I can correct it and learn faster.
Thank you.

1. Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management: 1st term GPA 80%

Marketing Midterm: more or less satisfied, but hard to say what to expect.
Culture class [Negotiation style test: I am high on assertiveness and moderate-to-high on cooperativeness]
Main Project meeting: dividing assignments.
Finance case group meeting, which was useful to see things from different prospectives.

2. Professional Business English [min 1 new word a day]

Assertive = inclined to bold or confident assertion; aggressively self-assured.

3. Find a job and earn $1000

Nothing today.

4. Make an unexpected gift for a member of my family

Have to decide who and what to present. Will probably keep this in secret until it's done.

5. Find a Mentor / Teacher / Coach

Nothing today.

6. [this goal has not been created yet]

Nothing yet, obviously :)

7. Sport - 3 times/week, 65kg of muscular weight

Will go tomorrow

8. Healthy food and timely sleep

Better than yesterday. Slept well.

9. Perfect appearance

Bought new simple and high quality black winter shoes (ecco).

10. [this goal has not been created yet]

Nothing yet