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Lilia MORARU 05:41

Вывод за день

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the importance of family. They make me feel love and appreciated. Deep in my heart, I know that whatever happens I’ll always have my family’s love and support.


1. Open a new dental practice in Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal)

Not today, I'm on an airplane, going home.

2. Elaborate and write a Strategic Plan

going home

3. Increase profit to 60.ooo €

going home

4. Offer to my sister & partner a relaxed holidays in Philippines

not now

5. Be a spiritual, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, astonishing, stylish, fabulous, chic, clever, tremendous, lovable, loving, remarkable, glorious, sensual, vivacious, vibrant, enigmatic WOMAN

I'm improving my hairstyle

6. Planning a trip for my parents: Haifa City, the Monastery Stella Maris, Village Cana, Mount Zion with the Tower of the Last Supper

not now

7. Healthy lose weight

physical exercises - 0min.
breathing exercises - 0 min
ate a balanced diet - more or less

8. Improve my sleep

At what time did you go to bed last night? at 00.40a.m
After settling down, how long did it take you to fall asleep? 2.30h
After falling asleep, about how many times did you wake up in the night? 2
After falling asleep, for how long were you awake during the night in total? 0
At what time did you finally wake up? at 4.45a.m
At what time did you get up? at 4.50a.m.
How long did you spend in bed last night (from first getting in, to finally getting up) 4h
How would you rate the quality of your sleep last night? 3

9. Mental wellbeing

I'm extremely happy.

10. I don't have nothing defined yet…I'm still thinking

I'm still thinking