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Sadlak Andrii 06:40

Вывод за день

I wasted yesterday's time, so for today I had only one task: preparation for finance test. I am not ready for it completely yet and feel very unconfident like that. That is why I plan to get up at 4am tomorrow and continue exercising.
Positive thing: I made myself start preparations.
Negative: I woke up too late... later I spent too much time speaking with my family on Skype.
My parents are growing and developing themselves. That makes me proud of them and motivates myself as well.

1. Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management: 1st term GPA 80% in order to qualify for a co-op internship (to immigrate)

Today I have been preparing for tomorrows test on finance. I am still not ready completely..

2. Learn 1 business English word a day to increase my confidence in professional communication

disbursements = the act or process of disbursing / money paid out / expenditure.

3. Find a job, earn $1000 and go to a good restaurant with a girlfriend

Now she knows about the goal. This makes my motivation to accomplish the goal much higher.

4. Make an unexpected gift for a member of my family

Nothing needed to be done.

5. Find a Mentor / Teacher / Coach

Have been watching Petr Osipov's webinar.

6. Read 2 books for self-development in addition to all the textbooks

Have just been reading few articles online.

7. Sport 3 times/week (25 workouts) to reach 65 kg of stable muscular weight and love myself more

Today resting.

8. Healthy organic food 3 times a day (from 8am to 8pm)

Cereal, peanut butter on whole grain bread and 3 eggs for breakfast,
sub with flat bread and vegetables inside + 2 chocolate snacks for lunch and pea porridge for dinner.
1.5 litres of water.

9. Healthy sleep from 10pm to 6am

Got up too late (around 8). Now I go to sleep at 10, but have to wake up much earlier than usual.

10. Write an honest and extensive article with the conclusion of the day every day

Check below.