Бизнес Молодость





Lilia MORARU 21:32

Вывод за день

Our spiritual condition depends of us. I resolved all goals in a few hours and i get more free time. Also I show my love to another people (it wasn’t 10, but the day not finished yet) and I understood that everything what we do we reflect in another. We can be the mirror for the world! - ’’Change the world starting with yourself!’’

1. Open a new dental practice in Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal)

not yet, in process

2. Elaborate and write a Strategic Plan

not yet, in process

3. Increase our profit twice

I almost finalize the presentation: Learn How to Prevent Oral Cancer.

4. Offer to my sister & partner a relaxed holidays in Philippines


5. Planning to go to Azimov training

not yet, in process

6. Planning to visit: Haifa City, the Monastery Stella Maris, Village Cana, Mount Zion with the Tower of the Last Supper

not yet, in process

7. Healthy lose weight

Have eaten regular meals (5)
Have gotten more active - walked 4km
Have drunk plenty of water - 1.5l
Have used a smaller plate
Planing my meals

8. Improve my sleep

- try to keep regular sleeping hours- at 22.00h
- no TVs

9. Mental wellbeing

have read about Tai Chi and do some relaxation exercises

10. My goal is to bring the light and warmth of the sun during winter for five needing families.

not yet, in process